Nano Hybrid Silicate Coating

03 Apr 2017
Nano Hybrid Silicate Coating
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Cemguard HB 500 is a hybrid coating which is synthesized of inorganic component as a main component and organic component as a subcomponent with molecular unit reaction. It simultaneously has both inorganic properties such as re resistance, diamond hardness, acid resistance and organic properties such as water resistance, alkali resistance, toughness and shock resistance. It is a eco-friendly product which contains very little hazardous organic solvent.


Cemguard HB 500 provides exceptional adhesion to a variety of substrate including prepared old/new concrete oor which is free from oil, stain and other contaminants. Area of application includes car parking, aircraft hangars, machinery room, utility room, maintenance room, factory, warehouse, chemical lab, general o ce and food processing plant.


VOC compliance
Chemical/oil resistant.
Anti stain, Anti Gra ti.
Fire resistant cured coating is non ammable (>500 C).
Extremely hard wearing, behave like glass when fully cured.

Water tolerant product is not sensitive to ground moisture. 

Extremely good adhesion even on ill prepared, di cult  substrates.

Product is not sensitive to high humidity and low temperature

during application. 

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