Epoxy Coating

EPOCOTE 106 HB is a durable, easy apply, high build two component polyamide cured epoxy resin coating. Formulated to provide adurable coating system for wall sand floors subjected to light traffic. When cured, it form sasemi-gloss, impervious finish which is easily cleaned. Available in a wide range of color sand in clear.

EPOCOTE 106 HB can be applied on avariety of substrates such as concrete, masonry, timber, etc. It is recommended as a protective coating on floor sand walls where both high level of a esthetics and chemical resistance are desired. Ideally for use in dry area in general production and packaging plants, garages, workshop, light industrial and commercial buildings. It also can be used as a sealer and final coating for DURAFLOR EM heavy duty epoxy floor screed to provide a more decorative and easy to clean surface.

• Hygienic - provides easy to clean dust free surface.
• Hardwearing - good abrasion resistance for foot and light   vehicular traffic
• Excellent Adhesion - good adhesion to most substrate

Available in Standard Flooring colours. Other colours can be matched upon request.


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