Waterbased Epoxy Coating

A new generation, high build water dispersed ceramic epoxy coating.

Ideal for use as floor and wall coatings especially where solvent-based material is not desirable; for protection of surfaces againts dustin, solvent, chemical attack. Very hard and abrasion resistant replacing traditional solvent - based coating in food,glove, assembly plant, pharmaceutical, warehouse, garages, car parks and other important. Good anti carbonation properties  making it suitable protective coating for road tunnels to incorporate with Dencil CD - a high reactive bactericide. AQUAREX 1001 NWB is the recommended product for hospital, clinics, food processing plant for it’s board range of antibacterial properies.

• Compatible with cementitous as well as asphaltic
• Solventless - makes application in confined places bearable.
•  Fast dry / open time even at low temperature.
•  Less sensitive to moisture during application.
•  Excellent  adhesion and abrasion resistance.
• Can be applied from 100µ to 300µ thick per coat.
•  Breathable.

Available in Standard Flooring colours and in clear. Other colours can be matched upon request.

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