Antistatic Epoxy

DURAFLOR SL AS is a resin based conductive floor system comprising of a conductive under coat topped with a 1mm self-smoothening epoxy conductive topping.
USES DURAFLOR SLAS is suitable for use in areas where a durable, clenable, chemically resistant floor surface is required without the attended risks of static build up. Typical areas of use are electronics, ammunition plants, military arsenals, flammable solvent handling areas, powder explosion risk areas and electronic “ device” handling aresa.

• Enhances working environment.
• Provides seamless, easily cleaned surface
• Eliminates electrostatic discharge from personnel vehicles and equipments.
• Provides  protection  against  both  chemical  and    mechanical attack.
• It meets the requirements of the following international standards.
  U.K. BS 2050

Available in Standard Flooring colours. Other colour scan be matched upon request.


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