Water Based Hybrid Epoxy Coating

Aquarex EPH is a two-component water dispersed hybrid epoxy coating formulated using the latest hybrid technology. The product feature its superiority in improved adhesion, abrasion and  water tolerant properties over the old generation products.  

It is formulated for use on walls and floors of hangars, warehouses, garages, manufacturing facilities, clean rooms, car parks, walk way and other light to medium traffic areas.

• Economical - performance vs cost
• Hygiene - easy to clean and maintain
• Durable - excellent abrasion resistance
• Attractive - available in a range of colors
• Water based - odorless, safe and enviromental friendly
• Green Label - certified by Singapore Environment Council

Available in pigmented and clear for glazing.

Available in 5kgs  or 20 kgs packs.

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