Epoxy Colourflake

COLORFLAKE ML is a multi layered broadcast color flake system designed to provide the look of granite to flooring surfaces while providing substrate protection from slips, abrasion, wear, and chemical attack.

COLORFLAKE ML is an ideal system which can give floors and walls a very exclusive appearance. Ideal for showrooms, hotels and restaurants, boutiques, sales rooms, reception and main entrance, retail stores and even bathrooms where a low maintenance, seamless floor that is an alternative to vinyl tile is desired.

• Slip resistance - for safety.
•  Can be applied straight on existing vinyl tiles.
•  Excellent bond strength and abrasion resistance.
•  Coving can be added as an integral part of flooring.
•  Solvent free eliminates unpleasant and harmful odor.
•  Chemical resistance - provide excellent resistance towards   penetrating oil and liquids.
•  Aesthetically attractive - wide range of distinctive colors to   brighten up dull areas.
•  Fast, easy application and installation which reduces downtime.
• Hygienic - provide totally seal, dense, impervious and seamless finish to prevent dirt, dust and bacteria built.

Available in Standard Colorflake ML colors.

Gloss Satin and Matt.

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