Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

Good Manufacturing Practice, or also known as GMP identifies the essential principles of food hygiene and safety applicable within food processing to ensure that food is processed under hygienic environment and the quality is suitable for human consumption. In Malaysia, MS 1514:2009 GMP is the requirement standards defined by Ministry of Health Section of Food Safety & Quality Division which aim to elevate the level of standards of domestic food manufacturer in producing safer food, cosmetics and health supplement as well as traditional medicine. Therefore, Good Manufacturing Practice training is essential to build up your brand and increase customer confidence.
The Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines cover the manufacturing activities from receiving of incoming raw materials till the delivery of goods to customers. GMP food is important as it forms the foundation of all major food safety management systems such as HACCP and ISO 22000.
The reason why our Epoxy and PU system comply to HACCP and GMP requirements?
Seamless and jointless System
Easy to clean
Epoxy and PU Coving eliminating the wall to floor edges
Bacteria growth free
Hygiene environment constructed
Dust free
Chemical / Water / Oil resistance