Etepox Solution Sdn Bhd Management Team

Etepox Solution Sdn Bhd is an industrial flooring company with an unrivalled reputation for expertise and customer care. The Etepox Solution Sdn Bhd industrial flooring company was formed in 2008 by our founder Mr. Eric Toh, who saw an opportunity to provide the best flooring solution to assist the clients to solve their flooring defects. We are experts in epoxy flooring, polyurethane (PU) flooring, resin flooring, industrial screed flooring, acrylic & PU rubberised sport flooring, and any other commercial floor type where an attractive, durable floor finish is required.

We understand and realize the needs of today's busy working environments. For this reason we are able to carry out floor installation through the night and over the weekend to ensure minimum disruption to clients' workplace. In order to assist our client to save cost in achieving the best solution to overcome the flooring problems that they facing all the while, we had came out a proposal for all of them with necessary flooring layers only which is good enough to practise on their workplace. We are pleased to announce that, we are alway design the practicability solution of the flooring system for our client at a very competitive price. Certainly, our flooring systems fulfill all the government authority requirement like GMP, HACCP, Veterinary deportment etc.

Etepox Solution, Your Flooring Solution!

29 Sep 2017